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Enjoy my fantardedness. Also, check out my Scraps, because I dump an awful lot of stuff in there.

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Hey guys and gals! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

I know I've been absent for forever, but I actually might have a good reason (besides applying to pharmacy school!). RaeHimura and I have a story to share with you all!

We have spent the last year building up a two-armed project set in the same universe: the Midnight Tour series and the Road 23 series. These will be a series of thirteen books each, embellished by art and comics and extra material by yours truly!

Midnight Tour is sort of a supernatural comedy of errors cop-buddy drama gone terribly wrong/awesome/awkward: it's a nerd-meets-jock bromance fused with Sherlock Holmes, except one of them is a fussy quasi-genius witch who just THINKS he's Sherlock Holmes, and they get along awesomely except for that whole first meeting thing. On the other side, Rae is getting all of her dark and gritty out on paper with an isolated bunch of spook hunters in a swamp mansion in Georgia, hunting baddies and utterly failing to communicate. Three words: shotguns, masochism and windegos. Oh, and a strangely insistent vamp that's shadowing the team, saying he wants to "talk".

Sound like fun??? Thought so!

I have to take a moment to apologize, because I consider myself a responsible fangirl. I make a habit of at least finishing my fanworks even if I'm on my way out of the fandom, but Dead of Night was too colossal for me to comprehend (Rae actually had the first "third" printed for me as a Christmas gift… IT'S AN INCH AND A HALF THICK! Yikes!).

I have to thank everyone so much for all the love and art that was sent my way over the past year or so. Hanna was an incredible fandom, as were most all the fandoms that were kind enough to take me in. I was actually going to post the word vomit of what WAS going to happen in DoN, until I realized three things: a) I was trying to do way too much, which was a lesson I needed to learn, b) I lost my damn folder so AAAUUUGHHH and c) I'll be incorporating some of my favorite unwritten cases into Midnight Tour, so spoiler no spoiling! Dead of Night was an inspiring bridge piece to get me to actually writing original material, so I believe Midnight Tour will retain a lot of the same feeling that I so fell in love with. There will be sad times, scary times, happy times and sexy times! Oh, and bro-times. SO MANY BRO-TIMES.

If you're interested, click-click-click!

In sum, I don't know how many of you are still out there, but I've appealed to you as a fan before and now (finally) as a timid but hopeful creator.

If you liked my writing at any time in my fan career, please stay tuned, because I haven't lost my sense of humor and my fancy for supernatural crap has escalated to a fetish. Aaaaand if you like my writing, you probably like Rae's writing, so stay tuned times two! This is an intense world with ghouls galore and a lot of fused history. There are covens of witches, clans of hunters, nests of vampires and weird pseudo-societal amalgamations of other critters, all meticulously planned out and named with a vision of a fully functioning supernatural world that you can jump right into.

Because, really, what kind of witch are you?

(We – and by we I mean ShotgunsandSage -- are so damn excited. Really. REALLY. <3)


I&#039;m your Creeper!
United States
I'm pretty bad at being a girl, but make up for that by being a fairly exceptional person.

I like fancy socks and wearing flowers in my hair!

Current Residence: Middle of the USA. Geographically, not culturally.
Favourite genre of music: Utterly everything (20's, 70-90's) except country and rap. EVERYTHING.
Operating System: Macs
Skin of choice: Warm crispy fried-chicken skin
Favourite cartoon character: My life is populated by cartoon characters. Really.


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