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He's got Ronfar's eyes by Demyrie He's got Ronfar's eyes by Demyrie
Woo X__X Stayed up late to finish this one!

Okeeokee, my totally precious BFF drew me this fantabulous birthday picture with a MOUSE on PS and it looked absolutely amazing and I LUFFED eet, and it inspired me, so this popped out XD If anybody's ever played Lunar 2: Eternal blue, it is DEMANDED that they love Ronfar and Leo. Cos these guys are just too cute. ^o^

"Lookit! Lookit Leo, he knows his daddy! D'awww, what a cute wittle ba~by- can you say 'dada'? This is amazing, just amazing, would'j... would'ju LOOK at him? He's got my eyes, and my nose and even my hair! Heck, he's like a little clone! IM SO PROUD!"
"Yes, Ronfar, he does look an awfully lot like you..."
"... And just for confidence, this is a hell of an ugly baby."
"I KNO- ... hey."

*insert Leo-smackings here* :giggle:

Gods, its been so long since I've done any art featuring them ;o; I need to up my count! NEED TOOOO! This started out as a quick, not-so good dodle that I was inches from trashing, but its grown on me SO much, and was a nice cel-shading practice ^___^ I LUFF THEIR EXPRESSIONS! And yes, the little baby is supposed to be ugly and scribbly. Go on, hate him. Its obvious leo does XD (And thats because Leo knows whats in store for Ronfar, right Atsu!? XD I LOVE JOHNNY BASHING! Lookit his little deformed form! :mwahaha:)

Anyways, just another humor piece ^__^= Brushing up on my anime, yo.

Notes: I ADORE Ronfar's hands holding the dice. I just love it to pieces X___X *umf-umfs his hand, cos Ronfar is HERS, YO!*

Characters (c) Lunar 2: EB
Johnny (c) Atsu and Demyrie (more Demyrie, cos he's MY bebe! XD)
Image (c) Demyrie
Tools: PS Elements 2.0+Wacom graphire tablet 6x8
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orjoowan-art Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2008  Professional General Artist
great work ^^
Sword-King Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2008
Leo had better run when Mauri finds out what he said about her baby boy.
BlueOnigiriKitty Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2008
EEEK!!! I totally love this pic! Yaoi rules!!!
Basil-Ovelby Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2007  Hobbyist
That... is quite possibly the cutest thing ever. <3
eterniawolf Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OMG! This is awesome! Ronfar's kid is so cute! I think he looks too much like our dear Ronfar. XD
rhaeigan Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2007  Hobbyist Writer
Oh it's so adorable! Ronfar! And Leo, Leo is SO cute! I love Lunar :heart: best game evar!
FrostbackCat Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2007
Ronfar JR!! Hahaha omg thats so cute XD I absolutely love how you drew Leo!
Anfinity Featured By Owner May 27, 2006   Writer
Aw, so cute :3 I want to go replay Lunar now! All the characters are so fun... Ronfar was one of my favorite humans :P :+fav:
leminausa4 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2005
OMG LUNAR!!!!!! *runs around squealing* cuteness the cuteness!!!!!! at first it looked like a Lunar yaoi, then i saw the baby... ah well LUNAR IS LUNAR THIS IS SOOO CUTE!!! <<<<<~~~~~LUNAR LUNATIC (lol made a funny)
Mogrii-chan Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2005   Interface Designer
Kawaii! ^^
Taniadragon Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2005  Hobbyist
Haha, great! I think I'm beginning to understand a bit more...awesome art, too! Leo and Ronfar are my two most favorite Lunar 2 characters EVER! I would say Lunar in general, but you can't deny Jess and Kyle. Great pic!
ReincarnatedParano Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
OMFg that's so kawaii!!! ^O^ I love your shading style, and I love the expressions just as much!! Heheh, that guy with the silver hair's expression is just priceless (wow, I'm dumb~o_O;) XD:;;
Blue-Ark Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2004
I love Ronfar... and this is very bizarre. And yet, I'm pretty sure that's how he'd actually react ^^;
Navetsea Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2004
looks like a really funny scene from the game, I never play the game though, only have a demo CD from one of the series.
KeyshaKitty Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2004  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Meep. Sorry it took so long to comment, hon. ^^; DA has not liked me these past couple of days. :faint:

Har, I know n000thing about Lunar/Lunar 2 or the characters so...I'll just skip character babbling and go straight to the art. :nod: Couls I do love the poses, and those expressions (why does one of them remind me of chur brother? *shot* No! Seriously! *runs away before she causes more damage*) I love those bubbly hearts and teh baby...thingie, is so cute! :giggle:

(bah, so hard to comment sometimes when chu dun know a thing about the characters...makes me wonder how chu got theough my Jing art sometimes. @_@).

Anyways, b00tiful work hon! :hug: Obviously, she likes it! :nod:
attackitt Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2004
^^; cute
Razzek Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2004  Professional Traditional Artist
And you've played at least one of the Lunar games?! Is it just me, or do you get cooler every time you post. :D I love Leo's expression! XD Makes me want to finish the first game (not like I didn't want to anyways; I <3 Working Designs) so I can play the second one (my fiance's got 'em both, but I've been side-tracked by another WD title, Alundra). Geez, for someone who never seems to have enough time, I sure do play a lot of video games...I wonder if the two are connected somehow... >D *giggles at pic* This is so awesome!
Demyrie Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2004
Bwahahah XD WEEEEELL, I do try to up my cool factor sometimes, and playing Lunar and finding fans of that incredibly obscure game sure does put me in the money with you guys! XD *poseSHOT* :D You're so sweet and funny! ^_^; I myself kinda ruined the whole Lunar experience, cos I played EB before SS, and am trying to convince myself to finish up SS, which I SO got after the fact. *pout* I mean, I love Kyle, but I SO love Ronfar more. Ronfar and Leo. Like, my faves XP *drools all over EB and umfumfs* But as for me never having enough time, and playing as many vid-games as I do...? Would it shock you to realize I havent picked up a game controller for a playing period longer than 20 minutes in two to three months? XD No. Serious. All these games Im drooling over came from way back when, when I had actual playing time in mid-school and such. *nod!* Now I am oh-so sad and gameless X____X Waaaaiii!!! *sob*

Thankies m00chlais for the comment! <3 Im so glad I found another Lunarfan! If theres one thing you MUST DO, its finish SS so you can go to EB! :heart:_:heart: That game remains so precious to me!
Razzek Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2004  Professional Traditional Artist
I'll be finishing SS right after I'm done with Alundra. I'm dying to finish SS; I'm a Ghaleon-aholic. XD And mustn't forget how much fun it is making fun of Nash. Mwahaha! XD

Aww, no more than 20 minutes?! *patpatpat* Poor Demz. ;_; School is evil sometimes. :P
ayamemaiden Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2004
Heehee! Like father, like son!
disscordia Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2004  Professional Artisan Crafter

Aaaaawwww, they so cute!

AtsuiChokoreto Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2004


Why... why is there a tear in my eye? THIS IS SO... BWAHAHA! Holy SHIZNIT Leo is SOOOO frikkin BISHI here, and I just wanna HUG Ronfar!

Omg, from the title and knowing that Leo was going to be in the pic, my first thought was "OH NO... SHE DIDN'T... LEO AND RONFAR'S LOVE-CHILD??? WTH???" *clicky clicky click expectantly* And Leo can obviously predict that this child isn't a good one.. Must be getting those evil vibes... After looking at the piccy I thought that he was just jealous of the mother of the child (I thought it was Ronfar and Mauri's kid, but I should've known since it's minus beastman-age) for being with HIS Ronfar, therefore hating the child... I'M SLASHING IT UP! XD

I don't think li'l Johnny looks UGLY.. Well.. Okay, green, footie baby clothes? Nice. XD But isn't your favorite color purple nowadays? XDXD Frooty Johnny!

This is SO my desktop... Did I mention that Leo looks REALLY bishi here? XDXDXD Don't get me wrong, Ronfar has his sorta hunky aura hanging around 'im... But LEO. *drewl* Now... Let's cut Johnny out of the piccu, move Ronfar's arm around Leo.... HEEHEE. Yeah. I think I like this pairing now.
Kaioh-the-PureMage Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Demyrie Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2004
EEEHHHH XD That was SO FRIGGIN THE BEST COMMENT EBBA! *smothers love on teh Ange* Yesyes I lubbs thee! XD Im soooo happy chu likeded it! ... And Im VERY glad you described your thought process at reading hte title, cos that gave me such a laugh as I hadnt had all day. :giggle: RONFAR-LEO LOVECHILD!!! :faint: GAAAAAHHH*snortchortle* XP I'll have you know, I WAS gonna have this pic be slashy, but only in text, and eventually came up with the ugly baby idea to replace it, but the original was gonna go alittle like this:

"Uh. So. She left the house, and stuck us with thi.. this THING. But for the love of Althena, what to we DO with it?"
"Wwwweeeee~ll, I guess we just play mommy and daddy to 'im!"
"And what does that mean?"
"HAHA- take a look at how daddy's dressed, sweetheart, and as me that again! Feelin' lucky tonight, Leo? Cos from what I hear, we're sharin' a bunk."
"0____0 *runnnsss!!!*"

Nicki is such a dork XD *slapped*

And.. hehehe.. Um, just wanna let chu know, you've totally perverted me to this pairing X___X I stayed up till 4 am last night (YES, just after I claimed I was SOOOOO tired, I got a freakish little second wind that kept me up) writing a ... a Ronfar/Leo fic @.@ I WROTE A R/L FIC COSS'A YOU, WOMAN!! XD ... And I must say, Im delighting in how its turning out :3 Its not slashy yet, but I just feel like smothering Leo in sympathy, cos've ... well, the entire thing! I have such an affinity for torturing Ukes, truly I do XD Heeehe! <3 its from his POV too, so you get extra-Leoness, or, at least, as well as I can impersonate him! :3 Annnnyways, I hope you like it when its finished, which.. SHOULD be sometime soon. *nodnod* Thanks for the love, hon :3
AtsuiChokoreto Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2004



Omg, liek dat's awesome! *urge to read... rising...* You BETTER be posting it, otherwise I will poke you into submission. *prod* HA! THAT IS ONLY A FRACTION OF THE PAIN YOU WILL BE TORMENTED BY IF YOU DO NOT POST IT!

Hehe, thinking more about this pairing, I wonder if Leo and Mauri would go through one of those "He's MY man!" "No, MY man!" arguments. XD Admit it Ronfar, you wouldn't be able to stand being with a woman that could burn your ass. XDXD Go with the man who's too "righteous" to even look at it... Er, well, sometimes he just can't help it...

Ficcy awaiting-ness from your Ange!

(Missed ya today, by the way. Being with you for over 10 whole hours yesterday and then suddenly spending a Nicki-less day is rough. Had it not been for the homework distracting me... Oh, had fun at the bridal shower thingy?) <3 <3 <3!
Dominia Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2004
:D LUNAR!!!!!!! This pic, is awesome! Not to mention cute ^__^ Definite fav!

(I love Lunar!)
Tinytiger555 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2004
AWWWWWWWWWWWW tha cuteness!!! :giggle:
relicris Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2004
lol i love the expressions, how can you draw hands so good : P tis outrageous lol keep it up
Insane-Demonic-Zero Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2004
*has a giggle fit and dies* Very nice! I give it many thumbs up! x3 Its so cute!
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